Hello, and welcome! The site features galleries of digital artwork and related content that I have created using software programs such as Bryce, Terragen, Vue and Studio Max. You will find information relating to my background in radio, music and electronics  My art is featured on several other websites under the screen name 'artgum', Like Renderosity and Terranuts.  My work has also been featured on the Sci Fi channel's on-line magazine, Sci Fi Weekly, and in 2006 I began work on illustrations and cover art for a fantasy book by Australian author Victoria Kerrigan. You can find them here. More recently, my work has been featured as part of the on-line Xilon Project by Reese N. 

   I think it was a natural progression from creating with music to creating visual images with a computer. I enjoy very much realizing ideas and concepts through this visual medium and having such a free outlet for my imagination to explore. I'd love to hear from you concerning the site or an art related project, or if you'd like to use my artwork in something you are creating. Contact me.       

   I'm currently working on a sci-fi story; when completed, I'll post some excerpts here. All the galleries have been updated, so there are lots of new images to check out!



"To become truly immortal, a work of art must escape all human limits; logic and common sense will only interfere.

But once those barriers are broken, it will enter the realms of childhood visions and dreams."

- Giorgio de Chirico -


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